Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer 2012: To do list

Summer is here! and it’s kinda boring so i let myself busy to keep it fun. Here are my perky goals this summer:

[ ] 1. Develop five successful films.

I started film Photography when i was in high school, Holga was my first film camera when i was in 4th year high school, which is a toy camera. I shoot many times but got a failed results in 5 consecutive films, failed by means underexposed. 

[ ] 2. Shoot different film techniques. 

[ ] Red scaled 
[ ] Cross process
[ ] Vignetting
[ ] Multi-Exposure
[ ] Bulb Mode
[ ] Bokah Effect
I’m using this gallery for inspiration. I can only hope my pictures are 1/100th as good! 
[ ] 3. Post 10 Blogs.

[ ] 4. Read 12 best-selling novels.

Will read Sidney sheldon, The hunger games trilogy and many more..

[ ] 5. Take a piano lesson.

I always wanted to be a good pianist. I envy those people who play piano and at the same time who sing beautifully, that is the reason why i forced my mother to  enroll me in a piano lesson. fortunately, she agreed. :)

[ ] 6. Get a new hairdo. 

So sick of my messy hair style. Need to have a brand new look before school starts. 

[ ] 7. Create a Photo Collage.

Currently in the process of creating a photo collage that contains a photographs of my close friends in my room, will finish it this summer.

[ ] 8. Buy my keyboard (Piano).

After successfully convincing my mother to enroll me in piano lesson, Automatically.. i need a keyboard. What brand should i choose? Hmm..

[ ] 9. Watch many movies.

[ ] 10. Enjoy a beach.

Building sand castles, making sand forts and wake boarding, if possible.

To be continued..